Business Advisory

Companies face endless challenges in business and need to constantly evolve and innovate. We collaboratively work to help our clients reinvent their business models by drawing upon our strong commercial acumen and knowledge founded on years of experience in diverse industries. Our team of professionals has an experience in advising on businesses in diverse sectors viz., real-estate, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, logistics, and hospitality.

Our Business Advisory Services include:

  • Review of existing practices
  • Revise Strategy to suit the business dynamics
  • Management structuring – Roles & Responsibilities
  • Financial Modeling
  • Merger & Acquisition, Amalgamation, Expansion, Forward – Backward Integration, Hive – off division etc
  • Investment Strategy (Partner Identification, Foreign Equity participation etc)
  • Certifications (ISO, Trade Mark, etc)
  • International Membership & Tie-ups

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